Sacred Camel Gardens Retreat, May 2015

Last weekend, early in May, we held a three day Sacred Camel Retreat.

080926_PP_26Drawing on Adi Da’s wisdom, and stories, and stories and wisdom from other cultures (human and non-human), participants are carefully guided through three days of “immersion” in the naturally contemplative culture of the camel herd. Continue reading

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The Sacred Camel Gardens

Our herd of eighteen Bactrian camels resides in a spacious area of open fields, winter stream, trees and brush thickets.

They live, more or less, as they wish, alongside humans, in this benign circumstance happily provided for them.


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Note from Stuart: Zazoo is a wonderful camel, a real member of the equally wonderful Goforth / MacRitchie family of Northern California. It’s been a pleasure getting to know Zazoo. He’s such an interesting, loveable and honorable “person” and has been yet another teacher for me, about camels, myself and life…

zazooby Cyndi GoForth and Andrew MacRitchie

My Bactrian camel, Zazoo, was given to me by a boyfriend in 1995 when he was just 8 weeks old. I’m not involved with that man now. Today, my husband, Andrew, teases Continue reading

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All Camels and “All of This is Sacred.”

080402_BabyCamel_6“What do you do with your camels?”  I’m frequently asked.

“Do you ride them? Are they smart? I’ve heard they’re mean and dangerous. Will they pull stuff?”

I used to stumble a little with how to explain what we do with our camels, at the Sacred Camel Gardens, because it is different. Continue reading

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Baraka, Hidden Blessings

This has been one hell-of-a-year year for the Sacred Camel Gardens… serious lessons, big tests… life, death and more life…

Barack O'Mama, lovingly tending her new baby just after his birth.

Barack O’Mama, lovingly tending her new baby just after his birth.

Several months ago one of our young mother camels gave birth to a beautiful white male calf. After a long, drawn out labor things now seemed almost perfect for her. Continue reading

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May 2013 Sacred Camel Retreat

944266_121972138000894_2076738825_nThe Sacred Camel Retreat of May 3 > 5 was a richly happy event.

Five participants camped out, near the camels, in the comfortable tents provided and spent the full weekend being guided into a feeling connection with the camels, as individuals and as a herd.

The photos speak for themselves… Continue reading

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Lion and Gazelle, another view…

Days pass by un-noticed…

Ean relaxes. He swims, eats, sleeps, absorbing everything the animals have shown him. Some things he understands. The more he understands the less he knows.

1402924241_f84e00f0a5_zOne morning, after a long night in drizzling rain, Ean makes his way to a shallow cave in nearby cliffs. As he clambers inside and turns around he’s stunned to see a large lioness there, asleep, purring. Snoring beside her is a handsome gazelle. Ean slumps, motionless, silent for ages. Rain pelts outside, storming beyond the quiet, dry, cave. The great cat’s purring deepens. Rain continues all day, into early evening. Continue reading

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Google Mama Points to Infinity…

(Editor’s note: Google Mama, the lead camel of the Sacred Camel Herd, recently endured an intensely difficult labor during which she lost her calf. Google Mama herself is recovering and should be fine. The following story of Google Mama’s ordeal is graphic, describing yet another aspect of what’s involved in caring for non-humans, in the Wound of Love. The vet bill has been expensive and, if you’re moved, info on how to contribute is at the end of this post. Please help…)

Google MamaPART ONE: About a week ago, late one afternoon, one of our much loved camels went into labor. As always, Google Mama was calm and relaxed. For a normal birth the calf’s two front feet should appear first, followed by the nose then everything else. This baby, however, was emerging nose first. I waited a short while to see if the feet would appear. They didn’t.

I brushed the baby’s white, warm, wet, head and slid my hand along his neck and down into the birth canal to locate the fore-feet, hoping to bring them forward. Continue reading

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What A Human Does

tumblr_m7153rM1jT1rw7n3jo1_500Picture yourself in an open field, without tools or ropes, sticks or techniques. How would you attract the free horse, or camel, to know and trust you? How would you develop a respectful friendship on equal terms?

And how would you bring love into it? Continue reading

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Retirement Spa for Old Horses

000_1809Along with our camel herd, we also maintain a small group of rescued horses. They live together in a small band, free to roam and wander the property as they please. Continue reading

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Zazoo does Homework too !

One afternoon a few weeks ago I was hanging out with Andrew, Cyndi and Irena while they were visiting their camel, Zazoo who, for the time being, is living here at the Sacred Camel Gardens.

Caring deeply for Zazoo they visit regularly. Continue reading

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Does a Horse in The Wild Die ?

Dixie, Summer of 2012

Assembled before her grave,

a simple ceremony honoring her life,

these provocative words




aloud….  Continue reading

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