The Little Girl and the Big Camel

The little girl enjoyed the large camels, but was nervous and shy.

The young mother reassuringly held her daughter’s hand.

The large black bull, Jelly Baba, approached them. He looked down at the girl, leaning slightly toward her. She shuffled back a little.

The bull stood tall again, and quiet, gazing across the field. He turned his face toward the mother and brushed his great, soft, muzzle against her cheek.

He looked down at the little girl again. She leaned away. He leaned away, too, for a while. Then he brought his face down to the mother and daughter’s clasped hands.

Jelly Baba opened his mouth around their hands, gently holding them, keeping one eye on the little girl. She was starting to relax.

Jelly Baba gently brushed his whiskers across the mother’s cheeks again, then held hands with the pair once more.

Again he stood tall and silent, and calm, before the little girl.

After a while his large, woolly, face drew right down to her’s. And this time she drew toward him.

They brushed cheeks and he snorted warm breaths in her ear until she smiled and petted his nose.

Then Jelly Baba looked up, turned and wandered across the field to rejoin his herd.

Jelly Baba, 2009
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