below Letting Go Mountain…

being together... herd leader Google Mama & Magdalena

Sequestered in a quiet, pastured, valley below “Letting Go Mountain” the members of our Sacred Camel Herd have begun touching people in wonderful, often unexpected, ways. Simply being with the camels, sensitively, with full regard and free to do so,  draws visitors into a depth and simplicity of feeling that is largely forgotten by us today, but is native to our hearts.

These retreats are not about training, or doing, or achieving anything. They are, primarily, about feeling, the “feeling of being”. During the last several years many have come to simply be among, and with, the camels, either through a retreats and on pre-arranged private visits.

It’s always inspiring to feel people’s deepening appreciation of the inherent consciousness in all non-humans, and in the natural world… as well as in themselves and each other.

Simply by being who they are, fully capable of participating in Divine Awareness, the camels, horses, and pretty much any and all non-humans will draw us into this awareness, if we’re willing to simply be with them, being together doing “nothing”, only feeling…

Check out our retreats pages & consider joining us one day.

after hiking, resting with the herd...

And please let your friends, family and others know about this unique opportunity to drop out for a day among a herd of Bactrian Camels where a new refreshed perception of  the non-human world; and of your world becomes possible.


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