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Only The Feeling…

For the last month Steven Elliott and I have been participating in a happy intensive under the guidance of master horse-woman Robin Gates, receiving hands-on instruction from her in working consensually with horses and camels. Robin is a wonderfully creative … Continue reading

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“The Field of Prior Unity”

When I first laid eyes upon a Bactrian camel I had no idea what I was looking at. My mind dissolved. “Who are you?… What are you?… Where are you from?…. Why am I asking? …. Are we not the … Continue reading

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Jingle Baba: Concert for a Camel

It was the year 2004. Soft, warm, summer air. Drawing long in the day the sun quietly dipped behind Mountain’s ridge as graceful sounds of clarinet and bass joined with giant oak trees in the Park of All True Things.

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Beautiful New White Baby Bactrian Camel

On July 1, at about 4.30 pm, a handsome white bull calf was born to Dalaney and Everest. He’s strong, healthy, confident and a brilliant, pure, white. Dalaney is doing really well, and has taken to her baby beautifully. This … Continue reading

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