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“De Babies are like de Birds”

Several years ago in a dusty African art store in Sacramento an old man from Senegal, Mamemor Mbacke, reminisced with us about some of Africa’s animals.

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“Five Rules For Men”

Adi Da Samraj’s Blessing of both humans and non-humans is equal and without distinction. His Heart-intention to protect the non-humans from human insensitivity is an urgent Call, a Heart’s Shout! for a rapid shift in the way humans relate to … Continue reading

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K2 the Camel

Our new white baby camel (one of Everest’s sons) is already growing into a spectacular, and soon to be quite large, individual. His name, “K2”,  was given by Quandra Sukhapur and Naamleela, after the second tallest mountain in the world.

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‘Oh, Lakshmi!’

Sri Ramana Maharshi (1879 — 1950) is the most famous Indian sage of the twentieth century. He was renowned for his saintly life, for the fullness of his self-realization, and for the feelings of deep peace that visitors experienced in … Continue reading

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