K2 the Camel

Our new white baby camel (one of Everest’s sons) is already growing into a spectacular, and soon to be quite large, individual.

His name, “K2”,  was given by Quandra Sukhapur and Naamleela, after the second tallest mountain in the world.

He was born while Steven and I were at a camel training intensive in Sonoma. I immediately drove up to check on him and his mother, both of whom were fine. The world-class ranch where we are doing our special training was also going through a naming consideration the same week K2 was born and, with no knowledge of our new camel’s name, they actually re-named their property the “K2 Ranch” !

As previously mentioned, our training approach is consensual. It is training by attraction, not force. It has little in common with conventional “natural” approaches, which often are not very “natural” at all. The camels’ enjoyment of our training is such that they literally line up, eager for each new session. We try to keep it fun and rewarding for them. They love it, and keep wanting more! They do struggle a bit sometimes, as any of us might when learning new things. But they always have a choice, and increasingly show a desire to engage and learn, listening ever more intently to requests, with the whole process of communication coming alive both for them and us.

The synchronicity of the two “K2” name considerations is interesting to say the least, and indicates, I feel, that we are heading in the right direction. The changes in the camels show this also… learning respect, trust, love and participation, as equals at heart.

Looking around today we see our collective, and unrelenting, destruction of the world. Humans have become insane, no longer sensitive, no longer actively connected with where we live. We are no longer wise. Instead we persist in a darkening fear that is effecting everything. We are lost, running nowhere in a terrific search to end the fear, but keep only creating more.


The root cause of our environmental destruction lies in what we feel, or what we don’t feel.

Friend of the world, Adi Da Samraj, once promised a small lizard, who came into his bathroom one morning, that He would protect all the non-humans from human insensitivity.

How could this possibly be accomplished?

Fear-No-More Zoo (founded in 1974) and the Sacred Camel Gardens (founded in 2006) were developed by Adi Da Samraj to provide a circumstance, when paired with His Spiritual Teachings about non-humans, for us to become sensitized to them, and to the natural, spiritually contemplative processes that are alive and well within the non-human world.


Fear-No-More Zoo and the Sacred Camel Gardens are purposed to guide people into a natural and sacred participation with the world; that we may learn to live as the non-humans do — in their awareness of inevitable bodily death they spontaneously choose surrender and direct participation in Divine Awareness.

The non-humans, not interfered with, have no obstruction to participating in Divine Awareness. They do it rather readily, and deeply.

The Sacred Camel Gardens gives people the opportunity to discover the feeling dimension of life that the world needs us to be connected with. What we are now doing with the camels will soon be of the likes not seen before, not commonly. This new process marks the beginning of an intelligent, gradual, integration of non-human and human cultures into a single, broad, diverse, sacred culture of all beings on earth. This is the seed potential of what we are called to do — all of us.

Soon we will start rebuilding Fear-No-More Zoo itself, redeveloping it much more in alignment with Adi Da’s Vision than we previously had.

In a time when humans are increasingly trapped within our thinking-minds and our fear, Adi Da’s Vision of Fear-No-More is made available for others to know about, to study and to begin to participate in.

Adi Da Samraj often asked whether His devotees and friends were financially supporting Fear-No-More Zoo and the Sacred Camel Gardens… so that the animals can be cared for correctly and fully, and to enable the growth of this profound process to take root – for the benefit of all future life on earth.

Many peoples’ participation and support is needed for this. Much work is to be done. Adi Da’s promise to the small green lizard can be fulfilled either through the collapse and disappearance of the human species altogether, or through the awakening of humanity to Feeling, and the capacity for surrendered participation in Divine Awareness. The choice is ours, individually and collectively.

The Vision of Fear-No-More comes not from fear but Love. It emerges from Adi Da Samraj’s Deep Love for all beings, human and non-human.

If the Vision of Fear-No-More is supported sufficiently to grow and develop, its work through time will have much more positive and far-reaching effects for all beings than all the fear-based, and fear-making, environmental preservation projects that we keep imagining.

Adi Da Samraj’s Blessing of the non-human world and His Instructions in how to sacredly relate to and care for the world, are made available through His Gifts of Fear-No-More Zoo and the Sacred Camel Gardens.

Please become a monthly supporter of the “Vision of Fear-No-More” (501c3 non-profit org).


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Thank you,

White baby camel




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2 Responses to K2 the Camel

  1. Marideth says:

    I love hearing about the K2 synchronicity! What a beautiful confirmation. And for me as well, just before reading this, I had my attention on Vitamin K2 – for bone strength, etc. These things just blow me away. Also, an exquisite photo of white baby camel (K2) on black background.

  2. Michela Torge says:

    Thanks for the news about the beautiful new camels being born at the Sanctuary. It is wonderful. I am so happy to hear that Fear-No-More Zoo has future plans. I have not stopped contributing, always hoping that it will arise again!

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