Departure Date Nears…

The North American Sacred Camel Ceremony soon begins….

A couple of days ago I felt a subtle but clear shift in Sage and Phoenix. They’re sensing the changes coming in their lives…

Our May 10 departure approaches, with plans and preparations coming into focus.

The children at Green Chimneys School, in New York, are shipping us a package of elements from the school grounds for Sage and Phoenix to sift through, nibble, lick, sniff and taste. This will allow them to develop a connection with their new home before we leave here. The package includes soil from the pastures where the camels will first set foot, as well as leaves, grass, some stones, wood, some drinking water, and several pieces of cloth, pre-wiped across the necks and arms of the people there who’ll be taking care of them. When the camels arrive at Green Chimneys, after 3,000 miles on the road, they will already be familiar with some of the smells, qualities and energies of the place.

We will leave the Sacred Camel Gardens, here in California, with 48 gallons of familiar tasting “home” water for the guys to drink during the first half of their trip, feed supplies, a first aid kit and homeopathics and electrolytes to help keep the camels relaxed and balanced, and in good humor. We’ll have a camera in the trailer to keep watch over them as we drive. All the overnight stops are confirmed and our good hosts are anticipating our arrival into their ranches and homes as we cross the country.

Daily blogposts will be posted here, and on Facebook, so the kids, and others (and you, if you wish), can follow the camels’ journey and send in comments and questions. We’d love to hear from you…

After we arrive and get settled at Green Chimneys I will meet with several school staff and some of the children. Together we’ll plan out the Sacred Gifting Ceremony, creating an event that honors the camels, and the sacred in all life.

The Sacred Camel Gifting Ceremony will take place on Monday the 21st of May when all the students are on campus.

Please join us in this project.

Please donate to help with further expenses — all those essential, unexpected, things that come up every day now… ! (Sacred Camel Gardens is a 501c3 non-profit project.)

Sacred Camel Travel Contingency
Contribute via one of the three methods below:

1. online: The North American Sacred Camel Ceremony

2. credit card —  send us your info & authorization (via email:, or phone: 707-355-0638)

3. send checks to FNM Zoo, 12040 Seigler Springs Road, Middletown, CA 95461

Thank you,  Stuart



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  1. Margaret DeCicco says:

    This is amazing. Phoenix and Sage are so welcome. It will be a blessing to Green Chimneys to have them. I look forward to meeting them and wish them many blessings on their journey.

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