Overnight in Reno, Nevada

After a wonderful send off from about 20 people, this morning, it was a smooth and easy day getting from Middletown, California, over to Washoe Valley, near Reno. Phoenix and Sage traveled well and were in good shape upon arrival, relaxed and relational.

Susan Juetten is our host here and the camels are now resting in her ‘backyard’., sampling the desert plants, and her compost! She wants to keep them!

About 20 people came by Susan’s place this evening after we arrived to meet Sage and Phoenix, who were both is great form, gentle and interested in everyone.

Tomorrow morning, early, we pull out of here heading to Park City, Utah.


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8 Responses to Overnight in Reno, Nevada

  1. Eija says:

    So they are making friends on the way! I am sure these meetings, however short, will be remembered by everyone. Good one.

  2. My heart is jumping out of my chest with love for these magnificent animals that you have assisted in their journey. I am so happy to hear they handled the first leg of the trip, that is a really good sign.

  3. Tally Groves says:

    What a wonderful graceful start to your journey

  4. Susan says:

    Sage and Phoenix have obviously been served well, Stuart!

  5. Lucy Beall Graeme says:

    Jocelyn, Alice showed me pictures of thos beautiful animals. She is hoping to get to see them here in Iowa. Glad you two have a common interest. Nice for cousins to get to know each other better. Aunt Lucy Beall

  6. Karin says:

    feeling the extraordinariness of this trip

  7. Elizabeth Lowe Edgerton says:

    What a joy to follow this sweet adventure. Thanks for all the care and conscious attention for these lovelies and their hosts. May the journey continue in this delightful manner.

  8. Tom Stiles says:

    After your departure Thursday morning, the remaining camels were calm, mostly sitting together in the shade, seeming to be re-adjusting as a herd. Peaceful and the young ones came over to check me out. A big day! Happy travels onward.

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