Zazoo does Homework too !

One afternoon a few weeks ago I was hanging out with Andrew, Cyndi and Irena while they were visiting their camel, Zazoo who, for the time being, is living here at the Sacred Camel Gardens.

Caring deeply for Zazoo they visit regularly.

Their visits are important to him also. When they arrive he leaves the other camels, or whatever he’s doing, to spend the three or four hours entirely with his human family.

His love connection and attachment to Cyndi, Irena and Andrew is palpable. After excited wriggles and ritual greetings he gazes at them, one at a time or together, just taking them in, absorbing their presence, his dark eyes smiling out from his furry face of long whiskers and spectacular eye-lashes. Then, all four of them just hang out together… it’s a bit like visiting day at boarding school!

If anyone ever had the impression that camels aren’t, or can’t be, friendly, loving and intelligent, that loving relationships and clear communication aren’t important to them, when you meet Zazoo, and see him with his beloveds, your earlier views will change.

The other day Irena took up a seat on a rock to do some homework. Andrew sat down beside her to help. After a few minutes Zazoo looked over at them, watching with full attention. He then stood up and ever so gently approached father and daughter. Coming quietly up behind them Zazoo politely and inquisitively lowered his head between the two and pushed his bushy nose into Irena’s book. And for the next five minutes or so, this family trio of father, daughter and furry camel brother, each gave of their own toward the homework project. Zazoo just wants to be part of the intimate, loving, activities this happy family affords him.





How fortunate Irena is to be growing up with a camel for a big brother; a camel who completely adores her and even takes an interest in her education! : ))

It’s heart-warming to observe just how given over to his people Zazoo is; little different than the most loyal dog; no different, at heart, than a human being. We all want to be connected… to love and be loved. Camels and people are not different in this. Both have the same need and capability. In the natural herd they get this from each other, along with the very real and necessary rules of herd etiquette and hierarchy.

It’s a complete privilege to be getting to know this special naugrim of a camel, with his furry feet and body, and large, rich, heart, and charming, innocent ways.

After the family visit is over and they drive up over the hill and away, Zazoo sometimes stands gazing up the road for a while. Other times, when he senses the visit is nearly at an end he might, before they leave, take off to rejoin the other camels. Maybe on those days the goodbyes are too hard…

During his first few months here Zazoo had a much tougher time when the visits were over, often gazing up the road for hours, in disbelief and upset.

He knows the weekly pattern now, and is much more trusting and relaxed about it all. Being away from home is growing him up. I’m grateful to be able to help Zazoo find out more about who he is as a camel, how to share and respect boundaries, how to ask and how to say “no” without throwing a fit! And I’m equally happy to find Zazoo’s family so willing to change and lift their ‘game’ with him to support his new growth…

Zazoo will go home from here in a few months, most likely along with one of our young camels, Akbar.

The Sacred Camel Gardens looks forward to a lifelong connection and friendship with Zazoo, Cyndi, Andrew and Irena.





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9 Responses to Zazoo does Homework too !

  1. Terry Cafferty says:

    It’s just about love, isn’t it?

  2. Cyril says:

    Zazoo sounds like a real sweetie.

  3. Wendy says:

    I cried when I read this story. Thank you Stewart, for sharing and for the wonderful work you and all are doing.

  4. ron says:

    beautiful story!

  5. Ciaran Mercier says:

    This story brought tears to my eyes. What a love story. Could be a movie, or a children’s book.
    Thank you for sharing the wonders of our camel friends with us and the world….

  6. maggie blazek says:

    That is such a beautiful story. Your writing of it moves me to tears as well.

  7. Zazoo's Mom says:

    Although I was there that day, when I read your words and looked at the photos – I cried. Very touching. Stuart is doing wonders with Zazoo and has brought a deeper level of understanding to our family.

  8. Nicole Madie says:

    Beautiful and heart-felt.

  9. Alusia Iwaniak says:

    Many thanks for this story – managed to hold back the tears until the picture at the bottom – which requires no caption – No Separation!!

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