Retirement Spa for Old Horses

000_1809Along with our camel herd, we also maintain a small group of rescued horses. They live together in a small band, free to roam and wander the property as they please.

We recently adopted a handsome seven year old mustang gelding, ResizedImage_1355124473010“Hahjeenah”, who came from  “Return to Freedom, American Wild Horse Sanctuary” in central California. We’re very happy to have him join our existing horses. Visit Return to Freedom’s website to learn more about the heroic work of Neda Demayo and her staff.

Two other horses here are “Bright” and “Holy”, old thoroughbreds in their late 20’s or early 30’s; fortunate survivors of equine eventing sports. After lives of enslavement, living in stalls and forced performance, inevitably sold through multiple owners as they aged, their lives are a sad story of the casualness humans often show to creatures they purport to love unconditionally.








These are two beautiful, wise, horses. They’ve been living here for the past six years, in sanctuary, free to be horses at last, to choose what to do next and where to wander. A simple circumstance, but essential for allowing them to rediscover their spirit and a sane life.

They’ve reached a point now, in their dotage, where we are giving them regular spa / massage / bodywork treatments to keep their aged bodies aligned and easy. Eventing sports damage backs, necks, mouths, hips, shoulders, knees, shins and feet. The ‘spa’ treatments are making a huge difference in their ongoing ease of movement and agility.

Conventional  practices would have us euthanizing them, but with just a little help in a few practical ways, and the addition of herbal supplements, both horses can continue on more comfortably.


Because their lives were basically a kind of hell before coming here, we are intent on giving them some luxury, and respect, in their final months or years… “the hermitage years”.

The treatments cost $80 per horse ($160), every two weeks.

If you’d like to donate to a treatment, or part of a treatment, for Bright and Holy (body-work, acupressure, essential oils, and daily anti-inflammatory herbs, please click here to donate.

LATEST IN: Donations are coming in. Thank you! In helping Bright and Holy we’ve decided to expand this invitation to help other aged horses (and camels). If sufficient support comes in, beyond the needs of Bright and Holy, we’ll make such support available to other elder horses, and camels too. We have one other horse lined up already, a horse named Dolly in Arizona, cared for by Annie Mond…

Thank you!

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2 Responses to Retirement Spa for Old Horses

  1. robert jelinek says:

    will send $160 as a birthday gift from Terrence Cafferty. got it in just under the wire for Jan 31st!
    By the way, did Annie Mond have anything to do with inspiring this horse rescue program?
    Love, rj

    • stuart says:

      Hi Robert. Thank you. And Terry. Thank you. Regarding Annie, no :) though her care of her horses on her own all these years is massively inspiring. So since posting this horse spa article I’ve decided to extend the idea such that if enough monies are donated we’ll also help Annie with elder car for one of hers and, potentially, other elder horses who’s needs come to our attention and we can verify, go meet or whatever… so we’re extending this idea much wider to hopefully help lots of horses and people…

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