Lion and Gazelle, another view…

Days pass by un-noticed…

Ean relaxes. He swims, eats, sleeps, absorbing everything the animals have shown him. Some things he understands. The more he understands the less he knows.

1402924241_f84e00f0a5_zOne morning, after a long night in drizzling rain, Ean makes his way to a shallow cave in nearby cliffs. As he clambers inside and turns around he’s stunned to see a large lioness there, asleep, purring. Snoring beside her is a handsome gazelle. Ean slumps, motionless, silent for ages. Rain pelts outside, storming beyond the quiet, dry, cave. The great cat’s purring deepens. Rain continues all day, into early evening.

As the red sun settles beyond lustrous, purple-blue seas, Lioness rumbles and yawns, shaking Ean and Gazelle awake. She stretches and roars softly. Gazelle touches his muzzle to Ean’s hand, sniffing his ear. “She won’t eat you.”

Lioness smiles, saunters forward and rests a massive paw on Ean’s thigh, brushing her whiskers against his face. Then she walks to the cave entrance, gazing over the plains.

“Everything isn’t as it looks, unless you’re understanding everything. I know it seems unusual to see Gazelle and I together like this… but we’re always together. Lions and gazelle share real life, and blood, so we have a profound bond.”

Gazelle interrupts with a snort. “Ean, the relationship between prey and predator is gazelleancient. As Gazelle, one of my roles in life is actually to become prey. I’m born to it. Raised for it. Some gazelle are not eaten until very old, some when young, and others in their prime. Eventually, all of us are eaten somehow. That final chase is filled with sudden fear. We run fast as this is the moment we live and prepare for. Sometimes we elude the kill. And one day you sense the moment has arrrived. Pounding fear is present, because the chase is real. When the lion’s paw knocks you down, all you can do is go with it now — Be embraced. White teeth and warm mouth wrap around your neck, pressing down in the realization of one of life’s purposes – being food, and life, for another. Pressing fear transforms to love, and surrender to life itself, in the face of death.”

Lioness returns to the boy, rumbling softly, “Many humans hold the wrong idea about predator and prey. When a lion sees an antelope or gazelle, sneaks close, and gives chase, there is no anger, no rage, no bad feelings there.

“Instead… the lion fixes attention one-pointedly, becoming completely focused on the prey. In doing so the lion achieves a deep love for the gazelle, almost becoming one with the prey. In this way the lion surrenders every fibre and sinew to the kill. The lion lets everything go and gives over completely. This is the ancient relationship of predator and prey where two become one. The form of sacrifice differs for each, but is equal. And one day the predator is also eaten.”

Both Lioness and Gazelle move to Ean and press their bodies against his.

He embraces them.

They turn and disappear into the night, to hunt and be hunted, as lions and gazelle have always done.

(excerpt from ‘Real Heart, World of No Fear”, Stuart Camps 2008, © )
(inspired by the teachings and wisdom of Adi Da Samraj)


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3 Responses to Lion and Gazelle, another view…

  1. Nancy Alcorn says:

    Ah. So this is your book?

  2. bw carey says:

    the story tells me we can all get on together, and that we don’t always have to follow the herd mentality that dominates so much of life today, and is actually encouraged, thanks for the story, God is pure wisdom, it’s we who mess up as they say

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