May 2013 Sacred Camel Retreat

944266_121972138000894_2076738825_nThe Sacred Camel Retreat of May 3 > 5 was a richly happy event.

Five participants camped out, near the camels, in the comfortable tents provided and spent the full weekend being guided into a feeling connection with the camels, as individuals and as a herd.

The photos speak for themselves…ResizedImage_1367364958708ResizedImage_1367815967640ResizedImage_1367815954093ResizedImage_1367815911690ResizedImage_1367816015967ResizedImage_1367816026295ResizedImage_1367816037063ResizedImage_1367816058182ResizedImage_1367816068809

We are considering a second retreat for this year sometime in October. If you think you might be interested please write for details…


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4 Responses to May 2013 Sacred Camel Retreat

  1. Nancy says:

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures and words.

  2. Alison Smith and Alan Haigh says:

    Thank you so much for showing us the camels when we were recently visiting the area, as guests of Jessie Haigh. It was such a magical experience!

  3. Janet Marchant says:

    Profound. Don’t know how I’d handle so much love, but it’s sure tempting. Please let me know details of October retreat. Beautiful!

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