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New Video

World Camel Day – June 22. This annual day of recognition, internationally showcases the camel as a beast of burden – a source of meat, milk, wool and other necessities. The Sacred Camel Gardens joins this celebration, representing camels’ full … Continue reading

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Like No Other

The Sacred Camel Gardens is like no other place on Earth. Nowhere else are camels so fully regarded and respected, simply for who they are. We don’t consider them lesser, or greater, than we are. Looking into the eyes of … Continue reading

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Thanks, Nancy !

Several weeks after the great Valley Fire in 2015, concerned friend of the Camel Gardens, Nancy Langdon, visited with her husband. She simply wanted to connect with what had happened. While here, Nancy quietly built a little flower garden in … Continue reading

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Visit from The Learning House

Last week nearly 40 pre-schoolers from “The Learning House”, along with teachers and parents, visited the camels on two consecutive mornings. In preparation they had been learning about camels all week, including perusing our website at home and in school.

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