Adi Da Samraj

Adi Da with Jingle Baba the camel, 1995

Adi Da with Jingle Baba the camel, 1995

The Sacred Camel Gardens was founded by  Adi Da Samraj.

He loved camels. The Sacred Camel Gardens emerged out of his relationship and care of a 3000 pound dark brown bull camel, named Jingle Baba.

Much of Adi Da’s life-story is recorded in his autobiography, The Knee Of Listening.



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3 Responses to Adi Da Samraj

  1. John Wojcik says:

    I painted a building in the animal compound in 1974 as a member of the community.

  2. Kim Dios says:

    I am a teacher from Kingman, Arizona, interested in visiting your Sanctuary as camels play an important role in our local history (Lt. Beale’s Camel Corps came through here and put the town on the map) and I am considering the creation of a venue with live camels (and not just rides!) when I retire next year. Please indicate if you are open for a (one-day only) visit, as I know you were devastated by wildfires last year, and there is no indication online to what extent you and your camels have recovered from the damage since
    September of last year.


    Kim Dios

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