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32hagen0371The author of this site, Stuart Camps, originally from Papua New Guinea and Australia, now lives in Northern California. For the last 22 years he has studied, served, and helped develop the “Vision of Fear-No-More” under the close direction of his spiritual teacher, Adi Da Samraj.

Adi Da, during the course of his life, developed and communicated a body of wisdom on many subjects. After two decades “on the mountain” Stuart is now setting out to share, communicate, and tell the stories of all that Adi Da entrusted him with in this radical and utterly simple Vision of Fear-No-More, for all beings.

Portrayed through five websites (started January 2016) the respective and complimentary aspects of the Vision of Fear-No-More will gradually be published in a serious and humorous effort to join local and global conversations on all the numberless aspects of human experience, and the effects of our experience on everything else.

Through this and the other websites I invite serious and respectful dialog and consideration of the Vision of Fear-No-More, and with regard to the many issues facing our world at this time. I look forward to talking with you…

As you follow this and the other four websites may we all feel moved and drawn to come together as one human, and non-human, family, of all beings together serving goodness in the world and in the heart.

Please visit our other websites, which will all soon be packed with new materials…

  1. The Vision of Fear-No-More
  2. Sacred Forests
  3. The True Zoo
  4. Open Field

Thank you, Stuart Camps

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