Lead Steward

Stuart Camps has been serving the growth of  the Sacred Camel Gardens, and Fear-No-More Zoo, since 1993.

Directly instructed and guided by Adi Da Samraj, Stuart also writes papers and communicates about the contemplative life of the non-humans, about the environment, conservation and sacred ecology.

Born and raised in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, his early life friends and companions included tree kangaroos, cuscus, parrots, snakes, turtles, birds of paradise, horn-bills, gliders, birds of prey, dogs, cats, and other creatures.

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2 Responses to Lead Steward

  1. Tui Allen says:

    This photo of Stuart with the camel on the ground is beautiful to me. I can see the trust between these two beings shining out.

  2. Marie Jagodnik says:

    This is a beautiful photo…and I am in awe of how Adi Da works with, and serves, both humans and non-humans. My heart continues to be touched by his work in areas of which I am newly aware.

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