Care & Training

As in all things individual views on care care, diet and training differ, sometimes even markedly. Some people keep their camels segregated in pens and stalls for breeding and other reasons, while others let them run in large pastures year round. Some have camels for making money. For others they are family pets.

It’s important for us here at the Sacred Camel Gardens that the camels can live as naturally as possible, being together in their large open fields and dry bush lands – living as camels. Anything less than this doesn’t seem quite right, certainly not from the camels’ view, and therefore not from ours.

Camel Care

Diet, Nutrition etc

Training and Approach



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  1. Shanti Kriens says:

    I LOVE bactrin camels but since I’ve never have the honor of bringing one into my family, what are the basic dietary needs and what is your schedule and regiment with your camels?

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