Essential Oils & Camels

Last month I traveled to Monah, Utah, for a two day conference to learn about, in more depth, the application of essential oils in animal care and healing.lavander

This trip was very generously offered, and sponsored (flight, hotel, rental car, and the event itself!!), by Susan Walker and Steve Claydon, to give me a chance to hear directly from veterinarians, and dog and horse professionals, about the science and practicalities behind the use of oils in their medical practices and work situations.  Thank you, Susan (and Steve), for organizing, so well, such a useful and inspiring trip.

I’ve dabbled with essential oils over the years but now have a new respect and appreciation for their efficacy and utility. Over the last 10 and 20 years the use of essential oils in animal care has matured and deepened considerably. Seeing this was very encouraging. And there’s clearly a lot more to come…

Most impressive of the seminar was listening to veterinarian Nancy Brandt’s several presentations on the science and psycho-physics of essential oils in readjusting and realigning the internal and external environment of body, mind and emotions to support balance and healing. I highly recommend Nancy as a resource for anyone wanting to learn more about essential oils and other natural, and allopathic, approaches of veterinary care.

There were some other excellent presentations and stories from a couple involved with PART_1462585758346_20160506_122012sled dogs, as well as several very useful introductions in various uses of essential oils in support of physical and emotional healing in the care of horses and other large mammals (camels!).

I went to there to learn, so I listened intently, soaking in as much as I could. Maybe, at some point, we’ll have developed our use of oils with the camels sufficiently to be able to make a presentation at a future seminar.

As a result of this in-depth exposure to the obviously real benefits of essential oils, we will soon be creating a protocol for the regular use of oils with our camels, horses, staff and other animals.

(note: Sacred Camel Gardens doesn’t publicly endorse any one brand of essential oils over another. But using oils of the highest quality is recommended, especially where animals, and real health issues, are concerned.)

– s.c.

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  1. Kathleen Bennett says:

    Very interesting, I’d love to learn more about how to use these oils for my cats.
    Very gracious of Susan and Steve to offer your trip, Stuart.

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