Camels Need Good Homes Too

In 2012 we gifted two of our young camels to the Green Chimneys School in New York. The relationship between the Sacred Camel Gardens and Green Chimneys continues happily today, as we stay in touch and swap notes, and both camels are doing well.

Phoenix (d.ob.  March 17, 2010)

Sage (d.o.b. February 26, 2010)

Read more here: Gift of Sage & Phoenix

For the time being we have stopped breeding our camels, choosing instead to concentrate on the care and training of the 18 camels we currently have here. Our plan is that at least these 18 camels will never be sold, and will get to live out their entire lives together in the home here they’ve always known and with the same people caring for them.

If we do resume breeding in the future the intention for the offspring from our herd is that they will never be sold, will never end up in the buy-sell market. Instead they will be Gifted into good lifelong homes where they will be treated with respect, love and honor.

“Honoring the Sacred in All Life.”

Also read here about Zazoo, and in various posts on this site. Zazoo came here, to the Camel Gardens, initially just for a visit, but as time’s gone by he’s ended up staying.

Life here among a herd of camels is better for him than living alone with the family who raised him. Cyndi and Andrew realized this and, to their credit (they love Zazoo), they made the change for Zazoo’s sake. And we are happy to include Zazoo here, where he can enjoy the benefits of living in a greater culture of his own kind. Cyndi, Andrew, and Irina visit the Camel Gardens when they can to stay in touch with Zazoo.

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  1. Nancy Alcorn says:

    The depth of this, the wisdom, the breaking of the “mold”. Made me cry. Stepping out side of how it is “always done”, the mindset of it. Such a relief to my feeling heart.

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