Camels As Sacred Gifts

(This page was written in March of 2011.)

StuBarackSacred Bactrian Camels roam freely amid spacious pastures enjoying happy lives and the capacity to choose. Well cared for and lovingly related to they are respected as “persons”. Each year they breed and young are born. Due to limitations of space and resources, and simulating life in a wild herd, most of these young camels must be found new homes after weaning.

In recent months I’ve sat long hours side by side with camels, reclining “arm in arm” under good trees, considering the curious business of selling the children of my friends.

What kind of man sells others for money?

How can I attribute a dollar amount to these camels whom I love and know are just like me? How can I abstract them to the point where they become commodities to be sold?

I’ve concluded that just as I could not sell my own children (if I had any), or a friend, or my mother, I cannot sell these camels.

Instead, they will be served, trained and prepared to be gifted to others who can appreciate them as we do. They will only be gifted – full given and fully received.

My intention is for all camels born in the Sacred Camel Gardens to be well cared for, loved and respected for the entirety of their lives. Never to be sold or re-sold.

We will place camels into homes, and with people, only where we are certain they will be deeply loved, honored and respected.

If we commodify another living being we diminish ourselves, demean each other and reduce those beings to something they are not.

If we make true gifts of these camels then in both the giving and receiving we honor ourselves, each other and all of life. In so doing we celebrate life rather than demean it. Our view of ourselves and how we relate to life is touched then, and graced with how things actually are, before man creates differences.

Each camel will be specially gifted in celebration of the consciousness and life within which we all arise, exist and pass away.

All of life, this camel, that horse, or that tree, is fully alive – at heart no different than us.

Non-human beings should not be tied to money. They are not for our profit. They are alive just like us. Vulnerable just like us. They are sacredly living, naturally contemplative beings who, if felt are known to be natural participants in Divine Awareness.

If you are given to receive one of our camels you won’t just be getting a beautiful healthy, polite, respectful, individual who was lovingly raised by his or her mother within a full camel culture. You won’t just be getting a camel who likes, trusts and wants to be around people. When you receive one of our camels you will also be entering into a relationship of responsibility, love, patience, kindness, respect, mutual acceptance and mutual learning.

Whether you receive the gift of one of our camels, or buy one from somewhere else, I invite you to let that camel, intelligent, powerful, and gentle, touch your life at depth.

Just as each person sees the world uniquely, so too does each form of life. Camels, likewise, are unique and see the world in their particular way.

Are you ready to discover what, and who, a camel is? To look beyond owning and having, beyond controlling and dominating?

Are you ready to reach across the imagined divide between human and non-human, to learn, listen, feel and respect, and to simply be with your camel, and yourself… and see what unfolds from there?

What you do with your camel(s) is as important as how you do it, and why, and with how much humanity, sensitivity and regard.

In life this is proven by whether your camel wants to do things with you, wants to be with you. We want your camel friend to like and respect you, to be interested and bonded with you, and you with your camel. This is what we offer and invite you into…

If you would like to receive and embrace one of these camels into your life, or perhaps a few of them, our conversation begins here.

“Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I (life) will meet you there.” ~ Rumi

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7 Responses to Camels As Sacred Gifts

  1. Natalie J Rimbert says:

    As current financial structures are falling down around us new ones must arise. May your message be weaved throughout the fabric of life and on the forefront of what is to come…

  2. terry cafferty says:

    This is SO right, since all of life is truly a Sacred Gift!
    The ‘traditional’ reasons for selling (of beings and things of all kinds) is, however, not only profit, but a way of supporting the provider and valuing what is received, so that the activity can continue. Recognizing that it costs a great deal of energy (including the energy represented by money) to birth, grow and nurture these camels to the ‘place’ where they are truly prepared to go out into the world as Sacred Messengers, the energy exchange is absolutely necessary. But this new ‘model’ of giving portends and in some sense enables the emergence of a feeling manner of exchange that acknowledges the Sacred Nature of all life. Thank you for taking this courageous, faithful stand.

  3. Cyril Hinds says:

    What Sacred Relief from the total misfortune of worldly self and corporate promotion!
    I cannot help but feel that this whole ceremony of sacred giving will have great trans-formative and blessing ramifications beyond the borders of the event itself.
    Much praise to all involved in this. Adi Da’s wisdom is obvious.

  4. Marielle says:

    Very true. My experience with llamas over the past 10 years has shown me how special and unique camelids are! These animals are so sensitive and smart. If you give them love, patience and excellent care they in return give you the opportunity to get to know them and begin a relationship. Something so special about camelids just look at those eyes!

  5. Nancy Nunke says:

    At last, a kindred spirit regarding camels!! I didn’t thing there was anyone else out there who felt about camels the way we do here, and I am so happy to have found you. Please visit our girl Aria on facebook, Aria the Camel. We love her like a person and would never train her as we were taught by her breeder, “with a 2 x 4” was her advice. Aria is as one of our family. She loves everyone here and is so kind and affectionate, both to humans and other animals. We have become her friend and we are teaching her with Nancy Nunke’s Friendship Training TM, as we teach our zebras, horses, zorses, zonkeys, and even a Przewaski’s horse, as well as llamas and alpacas and so many other species. We offer them our friendship and give them their intelligence, just as you are doing. Thank you so much for doing the right thing by these highly intelligent, majestic, loving, and emotional creatures.

  6. Terry L. Lee says:

    I can not put into words the tie I have had for and with all the different animals (souls) that have come into my life and blessed me with there’s . I would like to learn more about what you do and how camels are.
    Thank you for your time T Lee. Every animal is a gift and every gift has a soul. To know that soul is a blessing

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