Heart of The Horse Seminars

With horses and people, I recently started leading seminars (1) (2) that are not about riding, or any kind of utilitarian objectives pertaining to the horse.

These seminars are about building trust, respect, confidence, and leadership in which the horse and human are intelligently thinking, and feeling, partners, who look out for each other. We don’t include saddles, bridles, bits, or anything that people put on horses to facilitate control or convenience. The horse remains loose, unattached, free to leave, or stay, on his/her terms. No “round-penning”, no fake “join-ups”, no forced “bonding”. Rather, we listen, feel, act, and find our way into the heart of the horse, where we find our heart, also – it’s the same. And from there forward, whatever we do together, whatever it is, we will always come from, go to, and remain in the heart, listening, and supporting one another.

In each seminar, I am deeply moved by the opening up I see in the horses who participate. I am equally inspired by the people participating. It’s an event where horses and humans serve each other’s opening into new possibilities – of how to live and be with each other.

I take this process very seriously, putting as much sensitivity into it as I can, because I am acutely aware that each horse is gradually letting me “inside” in ways perhaps not allowed to anyone before. I feel this with the people too. It’s a rare thing, and has to be treated sacredly. It’s about each of us viewing ourselves, and others, in new terms, in the clarity of the profound Mystery of Life.

Soon after starting out with each horse, a familiar recognition, a sense of gratitude, and a tentative yearning for more, sparkles forward in those shiny brown eyes. Then all too soon, the seminar is over!

I can only hope the people present have learned enough to continue with the horses in ways similar, which is easy to do, once learned and practiced a while.

I fall in love with each and every horse I engage with. Each is a genius of it’s own kind.

I want all of them be able to go further in rediscovering their inherent being-ness.

This goes for all the humans as well, including me…

Entering into the seminar….

“What IS a Horse”

Remember back to your very first interest in horses. What was it about horses that drew you to them? What did that feel like for you? Is that feeling still alive?

Imagine today, right now, that this is the very first time you’ve ever seen such a creature!

You don’t know what it’s called, where it came from, what it eats, how it communicates, what it feels. No one else has ever seen a horse before, either. You’re the first.

You know nothing about feeding it, riding it, or how to train it. You don’t have any gear to train it with. Your hands are empty and open. Maybe you have a stick to protect yourself.

And this creature is also wondering what you are, never having seen anything like you before.

Both of you are alone, out on the prairie, needing to survive, needing company, and maybe now choosing to depend on each other.

Who do you think would be the leader, and know best how to survive?

I think it would probably be the horse.

And if so, you would need to figure out how to get the horse to let you tag along.

So how would you do this?

Try to feel what that would be like, and what the first steps would be.

Please keep coming back to this as we go through the next two days. Even throughout your entire life with horses, you can keep returning to this idea to refresh and deepen yourself in horses, and life.

The richness within those large, dark, eyes is overflowing with a mystery that stretches way beyond these stables, way out into an infinity of feeling and wonder and, I think, this is partly why you’ve been drawn to horses, why they attract you.

This is what I’m interested in helping you connect with more fully this weekend. And in this connection, everything you do with horses will be better, safer, happier.

To arrange, or sponsor, a seminar in your area, or to participate in one, please write us through the contact page, or via email: stucamels@gmail.com


(The “Ear of the Camel”, a similar seminar with camels will soon also be offered.)


(And, in everything I do I give homage to my mentors, Adi Da Samraj, Jingle Baba the Camel, Cinnabar the Chameleon, the Grand Canyon, and a host of other non-human forms of life, and Carolyn Resnick, Robin Gates, Stormy May, and others… thank you!)


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  1. Wendy Knowles says:

    Very happy to see this work expand in the world!

  2. Viola Martini says:

    Thank you for sharing. Having spent a large part of my life in love with the horse and spirit of the horse, I am thrilled to see this exploration.. Horses are life…!

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