Invitation to Ringling Circus Camels

With recent news of the immanent closure of the famed Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, the Sacred Camel Gardens has extended a formal invitation to the circus informing them that we would like to adopt their six Bactrian camels.



Our initial letter is included below:


Dear Ringling Brothers Circus,

I read, with some sadness, that your circus is soon closing its doors, and that your animals, including your Bactrian camels, will be needing new homes.

After some hours of consideration today we decided to offer our facility as a possible home for your camels.

We already have 17 Bactrians, in a secluded sanctuary setting that your camels could enter into, to live here in a larger herd, with the ability to roam over 100 acres of grassland and woodlands.

We have a commitment that none of our existing camels will ever be sold, and will live their lives out here, being cared for by our caretakers, vets, and supporters.

If the Ringling camels came here they, likewise, would never be sold, and would live out their lives here under our care. And anyone presently connected to your camels in a serious way, and who wants to maintain their connection, would be most welcome to visit them here, to come and stay for a while, and keep in contact.

Your camels would be very happy here, and safe.

I have been involved with Bactrians for 24 years. I’ve helped birthed many, bottle raised several, a buried a few.

Please look through our site ( If Ringling Brothers would care to explore this possibility with us, please write back at your convenience, and we can consider how this might work.

Thank you for your time.

I look forward to hearing back from someone there about this.

Stuart Camps

If you would like to write to Ringling Bros. in support of this idea, and vouch for the Camel Gardens, please write to Ringling’s Worldwide Headquarters via this email address:

Or: Worldwide Headquarters, 800 Feld Way, Palmetto, FL 34221 Ph: (941) 721-1200

We are hoping to hear from Ringling Bros. soon, and to have a serious conversation about their camels coming here to live out their lives. We want to see the camels staying together and to enjoy the rest of their lives, just as camels, in a herd of camels.

What could be better than this ?

If you can lend your support, we thank you!


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One Response to Invitation to Ringling Circus Camels

  1. Allison Parmelee says:

    What a wonderfully sweet and generous offering to those camels. If Ringling Brothers Circus agree to your proposal I think those camels would be very happy and happily cared for. What could be a better retirement? Having been to the sacred camel gardens with my kids many times I have always been impressed at how intuitive, strong, gentle, and part of the herd Stuart is. I always feel very safe and that the camels are happy and in their element together. I sincerely hope that the circus camels are able to enjoy the peace, beauty and care at the sacred camel gardens after years of servitude.

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