June 17 Sacred Camel Retreat

Last Saturday was good and hot! Participants of the Sacred Camel Gardens’ one day Camel Retreat, got a slight feel for the harsh desert life while spending a full day among our 17 camels.

These new, short-version retreats provide participants an opportunity to learn about these great beings (and even all non-humans) in new ways that help dissolve our man-made prejudices, and self-limiting views of nature.

The camels here are unique in the way they’re related to, and in how they relate to people, providing a circumstance for participants who, with some guidance, get to ‘peer’ into animal culture, and see (and feel) things they’d never seen before.

Significantly useful things are learned through this brief, and enjoyable, ‘immersion’ in these camels’ intelligent, and contemplative, culture.

Here are some responses from the wonderful group of people participating in last weekend’s retreat.


1. I had a wonderful time at the Sacred Camel Gardens. In our retreat we learned about working with animals, not by making and enforcing demands, but simply by respecting the camels and asking that they respect us as well. It was an amazing event, and the camels are incredible creatures. Being at the Sacred Camel Gardens is a truly unique experience. ~ Tempest


2. I went to see the camels in this sacred space with the hope of gaining a new perspective on how humans and non-human beings interact. Within the first hour of being with the camels and their humans, and the humans with their camels, I understood that it is not really a perspective to be gained, but a connection of the heart and spirit that we are all capable of experiencing on some level through releasing the mind and opening the heart.

I learned a great deal about the importance of respectfully entering into someone else’s space, establishing boundaries, understanding and honoring individuals and their unique personalities, and being comfortable around those who are different from you while staying true to yourself and your own comfort levels. It was fascinating to see how the herd moves with each other and the different social roles that each maintains. They have an elegant interrelationship of caring, teaching, and leading each other that was beautiful to witness. I am profoundly touched from learning what wise and powerful teachers the camels are and what it means, as a human, to have a passion lead by the Devine. They all have taught me to see and experience on a much deeper level, opening the space for me to connect with other beings with more respect, humility, and love. What a precious glorious gift to receive.  With much gratitude. ~ Stephanie

3. Spent a great day at a wonderful camel sanctuary. They showed us a different way to interact with these wonderful animals. All geared toward respect and understanding between living beings. It was an amazing new experience that I am honored to have been part of. It was truly a wonderful experience. ~ Helen


4. Haiku I
Unloved from first cry
Drawn into a quiet herd
The heart relaxes

Haiku 2
Yearning for solace…
Accepted into a tribe
Aha! I am home

An Alternate Norm
The herd feels the broken ones enter
Hearts expand and slowly blend together as mind fades
We gather under a tree to enjoy the shade
And sparkle in the displacement of “me” ~ Lin


5. There’s nowhere else in the world where this is happening. ~ Dani

Next Sacred Camel Retreats 2017:
JULY – Sat 22 (the very next one 🙂 )
AUG – Sat 19
SEP – Sat 16
OCT – Sat 21
NOV – Sat 18

If you’re interested in joining us, please write to stucamels@gmail.com for details.

Thank you,

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5 Responses to June 17 Sacred Camel Retreat

  1. amanda says:

    What wonderful responses.
    The camels work their magic

  2. Wendy Knowles says:

    How wonderful! Can’t wait to come.

  3. Nancy Alcorn says:

    How lovely.
    What a Gift.
    Thank you to all.

  4. Donna Kellum says:

    The retreat and camels sound wonderful. I want to go as part of my next retreat at MOA. Could there be partial days spent with them over a couple of days? Thank you for organizing these retreats.

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