Netherlands Heart of the Horse Seminar

In late May / early June (2017) I spent nearly two weeks in Maria Hoop (Netherlands), where I led another successful “Heart of the Horse” seminar, with 3 wonderful horses and about 14 equally wonderful people.

See photos and testimonials below…


For most of us there is an enormous gap in our understanding of animals, including for many who work intensively with them. Although given barely any attention, this gap is as vast and deep as any ocean. In this seminar we wade into that ocean…     – s.c.

1. Thank you so much for this new way of relating to horses and other animals. There was a great feeling of depth. – Ellie Schmitz

2. Thank you for this great seminar. There’s a lot to think about, and hopefully integrate into everyday life. I hope to get another chance to learn more from Stuart. – Melli Hofmockel (equine veterinarian)

3. Thank you very much for a look into your world, a world of patience and respect. The attention for another being, we are usually too busy to notice. – Natascha van Walraven


4. Thank you for this wonderful weekend, and teaching me that doing “nothing” is a very good way to be with other beings, instead of always engaging in some activity. Just being there can be enough. – Bert Neele

5. Everybody is saying “thank you” and I will have to agree with them; so thank you for being here and doing this, you have helped me with more things than I can say. I might not use everything, but I will keep it in the back of my head, and along with that, remember you. You have made more than a good impression, you might have changed my life. – Alma Steenstra (15yrs)


6. The seminar and the time spent with Stuart during the nearly two weeks of his stay here was, as always, very instructive to me. It was very interesting to see Stuart and other participants working with the horses. I’ve known and worked with these particular horses for some years, but I still learned new things about them, and myself, that will help us move forward in our relationship together. This weekend was also a good reminder of the importance of “being together doing nothing”, and I have since been taking more time to sink into the contemplative space with the horses, alpacas, cats and even the trees. I understand more of how to use this approach with other animals, not just the horses and camels. I have been experimenting with my cats, and already noticing a difference with them too. I really learned quite a lot in this short time and have been inspired again to keep working with and relating to the non-humans around me in this way. Thank you, Stuart 🙂 – Lotte Braithwaite

7. I found the ‘Heart of the Horse’ seminar to be very impressive, inspiring and instructive. Stuart is a very friendly person who radiates calm and balance. It was about a natural way of relating and working with the non-humans, but really also about our (human) relationship to the entire natural world. Here it is not about a technique, but a relationship.


What I also liked about the seminar, was the combination of ‘theory’ and practical. The participants had the chance to (try to) bring what they had learned into practice.
It was a shame the seminar was only 2 days… as other participants also indicated. It was so engaging that it could easily have been a week long!

Thank you Stuart for your inspiration, it has changed my view on the world! – Louis Esser

8. The real surprise and power of the seminar came the day after, when I went to spend some time outside the meadow of the horses: they all came to me just to say hello, which has never happened before! And they wanted to hang out with me! This from spending two days in their close vicinity. I felt that we were on the same wave-length to a certain degree. Really good feeling, this no separation feeling.  – Eija Halme

9. It was a very instructive and moving weekend for me. And I was blown away by the simplicity and at the same time profundity of Stuarts work with horses. In a simple way you could ask a horse to do things for you without using the usual methods we are all so used to. This way there is complete respect for the horse and in return the horse will respect you, and over time a deep bond between horse and human can be formed. – Menke de Jong


Many thanks to Lotte, Deborah, Ejia, and others for organizing and running such a smooth event. Looking forward to coming back next year for more…. !!


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9 Responses to Netherlands Heart of the Horse Seminar

  1. Wendy Knowles says:

    Fantastic! Wonderful. I am sensing from the feedback and my personal experience in your program that a one week course could be really useful to help people connect more fully with the ‘beingness’ and the horse-centric process of connecting.

  2. LOUIS M G A ESSER says:

    Wonderfull report!
    Thank you for sharing it.

    Louis Esser

  3. sheila edwards says:

    Thank you for this report, Stuart. You continually inspire me to connect with all non-humans at all times.

  4. Tally says:

    How wonderful. so delightful
    thank you

  5. Luc says:

    I was fortunate to be present, sitting on a chair, observing and feeling the togetherness of man and horse. It was fascinating from beginning to end. Thank you, Stuart, for the wonderful gift.


  6. menke says:

    Thank you Stuart for this most wonderful gift of
    learning how to treat and be with the non humans.
    Now in particular horses. I really enjoyed being at the seminar.

  7. Thanks for sharing this…

  8. Nancy Alcorn says:

    So happy to hear of this.

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