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DSC_88021World Camel Day – June 22. This annual day of recognition, internationally showcases the camel as a beast of burden – a source of meat, milk, wool and other necessities.

The Sacred Camel Gardens joins this celebration, representing camels’ full sentience, intrinsic worthiness, intelligence, and beauty. The video below (both on YouTube and Vimeo – if YouTube is blocked) celebrates the true, sacred, nature of camels, horses, goats, fish, deer, turkeys, dogs, mountains, clouds, trees, and humans…

“There Is No Other” is filmed, edited, and produced by Lotte Braithwaite (Holland).

After three months of retreat with the camels, Lotte gifts the Sacred Camel Gardens, and the world, with this beautiful communication. Please watch and enjoy!

Here are some words from Lotte about her retreat:

Last year I visited the Sacred Camel Gardens for 3 months, and now this year I returned to serve and learn again with Stuart, Sara, the camels, the horses and the goat. Looking back on both my retreats, I feel like last year was the easy introduction and this year everything was starting to get down to business.

Working with the camels is very self-reflective. They are aware of every little change in your body language, energy, feeling and mind. Every few weeks or so I’d come to a point of having to go beyond myself, sometimes it was a small thing, sometimes it was more difficult. One thing I struggled with was fear; fear of being hurt by a camel, fear of feeling embarrassed, or being overly nervous about asking questions. Often when Stuart asked my opinion on something I’d just sort of dissolve into the background and not say anything at all for a while.

But as we went further along in the training of three young camels, Baraka, Spirit and Yes!, I began to feel how my fears were getting in the way of being able to really connect with them.

I began to see that what I was feeling with the camels reflected my relationships with everything else to some degree; including my spiritual relationship to Adi Da Samraj. Working with the camels has helped me find a deeper participation in spiritual practice.

A lot of my fear gradually fell away through time spent and lessons learned, with different animals and people. In the last few days something significant has shifted. I’m much more at ease with everything and finally feel a real connection is happening with the camels, and also with everyone else here, human and non-human. That’s not to say that the entire 3 months haven’t been happy and amazing. They have. Stuart has been great, guiding me through everything and sometimes pushing me hard when needed. I’m really grateful for that. I’m really grateful for everything, the opportunity to be here with Stuart, Sara, the camels, the horses, the goat and everyone else and to learn from them.

I hope to revisit the Sacred Camel Gardens every year and to fully be a part of this growing “Vision of Fear No More”.



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14 Responses to New Video

  1. Kathleen Bennett says:

    Thank you for the beautiful and moving video.

  2. Patreecia Brandt says:

    I love this beautifully rendered video so much! What a treat to feel like I am there with the animals, flora and fauna! I feel so much sensitivity to everything in the video. The music was perfect. The message is wonderful. Thank you, Lotte! I cannot wait to visit the camels myself!

    Much love to all,

  3. Swanzie says:

    Thanks so much for posting this and also for coming to the aid and assistance of the vast sphere of non-humans who share this planet with us. What good deeds you all are doing! I feel so happy to see these animals “set free” and not under the yoke of only human parameters.

  4. Susan gauer says:

    Thank you for this beautiful video, Lottie. I just watched it with my little granddaughter Chloe, and promised myself that I will take her there sometime.

  5. randall says:

    Loved the video. Seeing all the various animals in a beautiful, peaceful environment, all seemed very happy…. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Marideth Wilson says:

    Thank you so much Lotte, for this absolutely beautiful video. I love seeing the playfulness of the camels. I want to watch this over and over, it feels like sheer love itself.

  7. Nancy Alcorn says:

    Loved this. Felt like I was there in that happy, beautiful and spirited place. Everyone seemed so happy and I got to “pop” in and stay awhile.
    Thank you for opening a window to that world.

  8. amanda says:

    Oh what a treat! Such happiness and open unguarded expressiveness. Good for the eyes and the heart. Thank you Lotte, Stuart, Sara for caretaking and expanding this sanctuary and thank you to all your non-human friends.

  9. Lena says:

    Thank you for this video Lotte! I love the sensitivity, emotion and strength that is conveyed in your art and look forward to seeing many more.

  10. deirdre Garvan says:

    Beautiful! Inspiring! Thank you, Lotte!

  11. Gloria Parks says:

    Sweet video and perfect soundtrack to go along with it

    Great reflective and feeling Lela

    Thank you

    Gloria Parks

  12. What a beautiful “communication”. The editing, footage perspectives and music really left me with an up lifting feeling…how can you not smile at multiple galloping camels? It looks as though footage predates fire?

    • stuart says:

      Hi Michelle, the footage is all since the fire, filmed April through June 2016… the grasses and flowers are all back as before. Its the trees and larger bushes that were destroyed and will return more slowly…

  13. Patrisha OSullivan says:

    Thank you! Brings tears to the eyes and warmth to the heart. Beautiful, beautiful creatures – all of them. Must visit again soon.

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