Photos from Recent Saudi Arabia Trip

Please enjoy this photo essay of a recent consultation visit to Saudi Arabia by myself and Charmian Wright DVM (Utah). The following photos just give a flavor of the trip, to which there was so much richness and learning, and new friendships made, and more to come. Much thanks to those who made this trip possible! “al-Hamdu lillah!” Click on the photos to enlarge, then scroll left to right…    s.c.








Charmian Wright

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18 Responses to Photos from Recent Saudi Arabia Trip

  1. Ciaran Mercier says:

    Stuart, I find this incredibly exciting! I have been fascinated with Lawrence of Arabia since childhood, and your trip ties in with all of that. I look forward to hearing about how this develops. – Ciaran

  2. Cyril says:

    Sure hope we’ll see and hear more about your trip when you return.

  3. Deeply moving to see this…

  4. Gavin says:


  5. gloria parks says:

    What an incredible opportunity.

  6. Wendy Knowles says:

    Totally amazing.

  7. Colleen says:

    This is amazing!!

  8. carole otness says:

    Thanks so much Stuart. I traveled through the Sahara many years ago. It is amazing how these people live in this environment. Wonderful photos.

    How long were you there for?

  9. John Schorske says:

    How awesome!

  10. Jacquie Shea Thiel says:

    So happy to see this.

  11. Nicole Madie says:

    Wonderful to hear of your trip Stuart.

  12. DJ says:

    What a wonderful opportunity.

  13. Ginger Mc Leod Zuckerman blymyer says:

    How wonderful a way to bring our world together in most unusual ways. Each step is so important. At our base, we are alike, our needs the same, but what appears as a difference, is such a wonderful way, and entrance into other lives and customs. Being connected at the root, although seemingly different, is what gets manifested in the world at times like this.

  14. Absolutely beautiful Stuart! Beautiful photos and it’s beautiful what is happening with you and the Sacred Camel Gardens!

  15. Bonnie Carter says:

    Wow! Fabulous!! I want some of what you are having is the feeling.

  16. Marilyn Peverall says:

    Awesome! Thank you for these beautiful pictures, Stuart, will be looking forward to hearing and seeing more about your trip.

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