Retreats Among Camels

The video above was filmed during one of our 201o retreats…

These are camping retreats, sleeping in tents with comfortable cots, right alongside the camels. Nearby indoor accommodation is available for those so requesting.

Your retreat with the camels will move and inspire you for many years to come.

Places are limited so apply soon to secure your place…

2016 – Dates: Still to be determined… (post the Valley Fire we are still involved with repairs and putting various of our lives back together… we are hoping to hold a retreat in October. Check back for more details as we move forward…)

Retreat Fees: under review – includes materials, expert guiding, lodging & meals

Location: The Sacred Camel Gardens are located in Northern California’s Lake County. Driving time from Sacramento Airport is about 2 hours, and about 2.5 hours from San Francisco Airport.

For more information, contact:
Stuart Camps by email
– Fear-No-More Zoo, 12040 Seigler Springs Road, Middletown, CA 95461 USA
– (707) 355-0638

Providing space and time for humans to relax and deepen, in feeling, amid gentle Bactrian camels living their herd culture…

Let go and reconnect with life’s simplicity.  To the degree achievable in three days of guided retreat you’ll find yourself integrating with the camels to a point where you’ll feel “herd-connected”. Over the three days you’ll notice the camels relating to you differently, hour by hour, increasingly inclusively, as they gradually allow you into their lives.

Don’t be surprised if you begin to feel a sense of belonging with the herd that will touch you deeply, possibly affecting the rest of your life.

The camels, living a life of natural contemplation (meditation), will wordlessly draw you to do likewise.  You’ll begin to appreciate and see the world something more like they do.









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4 Responses to Retreats Among Camels

  1. Jan Blake says:

    Love L-O-V-E Love Camels. Such wonderful, gentle Spirits. So happy to find your site & learn a little about your sanctuary. You are truly blessed.

  2. Samantha says:

    I am always thinking back to the incredible experience of being with the camels. I have never had such an amazing time with animals being so free and confident in themselves. -They really made an impact on my life, and I’m already trying to figure out when I can go back! Thank you for all you and the camels do!

  3. Camels in county of Lake, wonderful. Best regards, Fredrick, retired at almost 84.

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