Herd Members

 Current Herd Members:

Peaceful Baba:  Peaceful is Jingle Baba and Google Mama’s oldest son. A wise and patient, highly principled, character,  Peaceful Baba was named by Adi Da on the outbreak of a new war in central Europe. He met the young camel soon after hearing the news, and named him “Peaceful”.


Muffin:  Muffin is an all round good camel. She might just be the sweetest, most straightforward and well intentioned camel in the herd. Since the passing of Google Mama, the original herd leader, Muffin has been trying to fill the role. It’s not quite her forte but she’s giving it her best



Purnimama: Purni is Google Mama’s first daughter. A mother herself, she is sweet, shy and good company to all. Purni is tall and gentle, always ready to say hello but not one to linger around and get into gossip or being a nuisance.




Not-Two Mama: Not-Two is Purnimama’s daughter. She was tiny for a long while but has since grown considerably. She is one of the herd’s odd-ball characters. Not-Two Mama received her name because she was third-born that year, not second-born. Her name is also a reference to Adi Da’s book, “Not-Two Is Peace”.

Green Smoothy: When Smoothy was born Adi Da gave her the “green” name because her parents (Muffin and Jelly Baba) both have “junk food” names. She is quick and sharp.


Jelly Bean:  Born to Green Smoothy and Jelly Baba, she is Jelly’s last offspring, sired before he passed away. Jelly Bean is completely at home with people, self-contained and confident. She’s a petite and wonderful camel.


Dalaney:  Dalaney is interesting; delicate, strong, complex, introspective and serious. She’s no push-over. When she lets you in, though, you’ve received a gift worth waiting for.




Tilly:  Tall and white, Tilly is a large, beautiful, camel. Sometimes shy. Sometimes bold. Often scruffy… Tilly loves contact, brushing, grooming, and is always up for it…


HiHo: A character. Mischief-maker. Trickster. Someone to keep an eye on. His playful inquisitiveness is always getting him, and us, into trouble. He’s always taking us to our limits and teaching us more about ourselves. He loves people. Part carnivore!



Zazoo:  more to be added soon…

PART_1455252701310_20160211_1146444Lhotse:  still to be added….






K2: more to be added soon…

Akbar:  more to be added soon…

Spirit:  more to be added soon…

Gnosticon:  more to be added soon…

Pnuemama:  more to be added soon…

Baraka:  more to be added soon…

PART_1455252722272_20160211_1140261Yes!: more to be added soon…..




Stuart Camps:  Stuart has been serving the Sacred Camels and Fear-No-More Zoo for the past 22 years. From Papua New Guinea and Australia he grew up around many animals. Stuart has a deep respect for the camels and, when you visit, will guide you into an understanding of who they are and how to gently connect with them in ways that, hopefully, will continue deepening long after.

11212603_858874147514650_7917180079169610049_oSara Tourtellotte: Sara joined the Sacred Camel Gardens in October 2014, quickly falling in love with the camels and their care. Sara is very natural with the camels and they quickly began drawing her into their world and ways of doing things.



Deceased Herd Members

Jingle Baba:  Jingle Baba was the original camel of our herd. He was massive, about 3000 pounds in his prime. Powerful, gentle, wise and full of class. His close relationship to Adi Da Samraj gave birth to the Sacred Camel Gardens. Jingle Baba passed away in 2004, leaving a line of younger camels to carry forward his example of benevolence.



Google Mama: As overall herd leader Google Mama was a benign, steady, presence from whom the herd drew its spiritual guidance and balance. She was firm yet kind. Commanding respect, Google Mama demonstrated true leadership and the importance of positive hierarchy within the sacred herd culture. Adi Da named Google Mama in July 1998, because of her “googly” eyes at the time.


Barack O’Mama:  Her name was a humorous play on the US President, and the Irish. Barack almost didn’t make it into this world. Her first couple of days were tentative. When she finally did arrive she brought much gusto and confidence with her. She loved people and wanted to be involved and to participate in things. Barack was Google Mama’s daughter.

Jelly Baba:  Of all Jingle Baba’s progeny, Jelly Baba, his youngest, was the most like him. Jelly was large and dark, kind and powerful, yielding and serious, though not without a sense of play. As a young baby he was often seen sitting face to face with his father receiving, it seemed, all his father could give him before he soon passed. Jelly was a natural leader. An inspiring camel, and  person. Jelly Baba passed away in August of 2010. To read more about Jelly Baba here…


Everest: Son of famous stud bull, Tom Dooley, Everest was a large white bull of handsome proportions. He was a powerful young camel to be respected, and who gave much respect in return. He was becoming a perfect lead bull, benevolent, intelligent, powerful, relaxed. We found him one morning under a tree. At first we thought he was just asleep, but he was gone. We have lots of theories for why this happened but it is just, finally, a mystery.




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