Retreat Testimonials

“Our time with the camels was contemplative and all about feeling in every dimension. The less expectation you have, the more you can simply drop out of daily life – and the more the camels warm to you. I felt curiously drawn, touched, involved in a world that I had not entered before.

“We felt drawn into a depth of contemplation with the camels for many hours, sometimes simply silently watching them, at other times directly interacting with them. Stuart told numerous instructive and inspiring stories throughout the retreat. This helped to give us an entrance into better understanding the “non-human” world. Stuart also helped us understand the spiritual profundity of the non-humans. At the end of the retreat my sister and her partner were both reluctant to leave the camels.”
-Lisa B.

“How do you describe to people that 12 extraordinary camels can change your life? Well, that is exactly what happened. With absolutely no idea of what I was stepping into, I dropped my busy schedule and entered the world of camels. Nothing could have prepared me for the absolute heart-breaking gift that these camels are.

“After being carefully instructed by retreat guide, Stuart Camps, we slowly walked through the gate and into the camels’ home” I thought this would be a nice “pet the animals” occasion. How little did I realize the profound wisdom these beings would teach me in the brief time we had together.

“This morning after my retreat I feel like I have been drawn through a sensitivity training that has left me feeling just simply happy. These beautiful camels simply showed me that in dropping my mind, my expectations, my persona, I can actually exist as they do… simply contemplating … and in that space I felt my true nature.

“I am humbled and grateful for this unique opportunity and hope that over the years thousands of people will come here to the Sacred Camel Gardens and spend time with these sacred beings. .”
-Karin G.

“It was amazing to feel the depth the camels brought us in touch with. Near the end of the retreat, when we sat with them for several hours, I was simply present, meditating with the rest of the humans and the non-humans, with a sense of oneness and peace. It was a gift to be able to serve the camels, and to be served by them, in their contemplative space.”
-Chris C.

“The Sacred Camel Retreats are truly a unique offering. On this retreat, for long stretches of time, we simply sat with the camels in their pasture, watching them, enjoying the air, sky, trees, petting and brushing the camels. At first I was nervous about approaching such large animals, but given time to just be with them, I gradually relaxed and was welcomed by the herd. The camels are gentle, playful, curious, and always relational.

“Stuart does a great job of supporting everyone’s unique process of developing relationships with the animals. His knowledge of the animals, and intelligent attention when we’re in the pasture, allowed plenty of openings for connecting with the camels.

“I left the retreat balanced, relaxed and happy, having been guided to a deep place of ordinariness, peacefulness, and contentedness about just being. I now have a much greater sensitivity to and understanding of non-humans, and the “unlearning” necessary in order to be fully present with the animals.”
-Rose Y.

“The retreat was a profoundly happy time for me, focused on the simplicity of being alive in each other’s company, human and non-human, noticing one another and noticing at the same time that the process of feeling, in contemplation, is the same.”
-Magdalena V.

“This retreat was all about the senses and emotions being intensified, and learning about direct feeling connections to other living beings. I felt very safe, and at the same time in awe of the camels’ size and power. They are amazing and beautiful animals to be with. I forgot my everyday life and felt a thousand miles away.”
-Peter S.

“The camel retreat is truly a life enhancing process. Although it’s totally unexpected, just by “hanging out” with each and all of them, one falls in love with these gentle giant beings. Then, afterwards, you’re left with the dilemma of how to find ways to be with them again – and again – and again. Their equanimity, openness and easy “relationshipness” are a simple and direct instruction to anyone who finds themselves in their company.”
-Steve R.

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