Camel Ceremony


The Sacred Camel Ceremony is inspired by the Wisdom of Adi Da Samraj. At various times of the year we engage this Ceremony as an invocation of Universal Blessing for the broadening and deepening of humanity’s sensitivity and respect for all life.


The intention and purpose of what we are doing directly relates to all of life. Here among the camels we are learning and educating ourselves and others about living in harmony, respecting all Life as Sacred.

Culturally and as individuals, camels exemplify many benign and positive qualities we can learn from. We are honored to be with and learn from them.

Camels’ Qualities: Strength, stamina, centuries of living among humans, powerful survival abilities, deep reserves of energy, calmness, awareness, sensitivity, respect, a strong will, an ability to endure hardship and survive extremes, and to share food and water. They also know how to relax. They are profound spiritual contemplatives… deeply calming to spend time with. Camels exemplify good leadership and an interest in following good leadership.

In shamanic lore the camel signs and points to a journey for liberation and freedom. Camels symbolize finding your way, maintaining endurance and developing intuition. Some call camels “ata Allah,” or “God’s gift”. The Hebrew word for camel is “gamal”, which means “to give back”. Camels are well prepared for change. Physiologically they are incredibly adaptable. They are patient, with great fortitude and highly intelligent.

Among our herd of Sacred Camels we engage this ceremony for world healing…

Click here to view and read the Sacred Camel Ceremony “Invocation and Prayer”.






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5 Responses to Camel Ceremony

  1. jeff mark says:

    We had an abused horse named “Suzy” who tried to kill me by running my head into a pole. Over the next 17 years my family loved her. Gradually she came around to love us too. My father spent thousands trying to save her. Anyway she would have loved this picture! such freedom & beauty captured in the above photo. Absolutely GREAT! JDM 🙂

  2. Natalie Bate says:

    Oh, beautiful photo, beautiful horse…

    PS When’s your book coming out Stuart? And when the doco to be made?? 🙂

    • stuart says:

      your guess is as good as mine, Natalie… 🙂 I keep thinking “tomorrow?”

      • stuart says:

        The horse shown here is the great and undying “Copper”, a Fijian “Jungalee” (like the Aussie Brumby or the US Mustang)… the Fijian feral horse ‘breed’. He’s a great old man, strong and deep…

        • Magdalena says:

          I had the great good fortune of meeting Copper last year, 2012. I’d heard stories about him, but it’s hard in my turn to describe being in the company of such a mature being. I was struck (not just metaphorically speaking) by his direct communication of “no-difference” to me and how this applies to the earth itself as well. I give him my respect.

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