Teveton Center Seminar

I recently led a “Heart of the Horse” seminar with people and horses, at the Teveton Center, in Byron Bay, Australia.

Many thanks to the wonderful Kerry Johnston, the happy owner of the Center, for hosting the seminar, as well as actively participating in it. Amanda Savill organized the event and its 12 participants, in exemplary fashion. Other friends in the area, Linda, Julie, Jacqueline, and Alexandra helped with the venue set-up, lunch and snacks.

I also want to give a big thanks to the five amazing horses whom we came to know, just a little, through this weekend.

During the Sunday lunch period the group engaged in a lively, heart-felt, consideration about life and death for non-humans and humans.

These new seminars are quickly revealing a remarkable potential. They are specifically not about ‘training’, or riding. They about the horse being recognized, and heard, as a person, embodying full person-hood, in the explicit manner of horses and directly in relation to humans. The way I relate to each of the horses can be healing for them, and they may go through an observable process, sometimes quite profoundly, experiencing for the first time a new sense of themselves and of humans. So many horses have lived lives in neglect and abuse, being regularly bought and sold, deeply suppressed, and so on, from their very first days. Even otherwise loving owners often care for them from a disposition of superiority.

While the seminar horses are gently drawn into a deeper sense of themselves, this is simultaneously witnessed, and felt, by the human participants. Sometimes there are tears, mild crises, and deep relief, as participants go through an unfolding parallel process with the horses. The seminar provides a platform, where both have permission to simply be, and feel, with intelligence and integrity, in support of everyone’s connection with the natural contemplative process. This also allows for the positive integration of, and exchanges between, human and non-human cultures, each increasingly understood as being equal, at Heart.

What these seminars offer is the beginning of an honest way of relating to all non-humans, to each other, and to Reality. And we are finding that the people showing up are ready for the consideration!

Absent this kind, and quality, of understanding, humans are as entrapped, or more so, as all the non-humans who are subject to the effects and results of humans’ self contracting, life contracting, ‘ego-spheric’ consciousness.

The seminar reveals and directly touches the attitudes and patterns existing in humanity toward the natural world and, to some degree, heals them. I am continually humbled by the responsibility I feel in guiding people and horses through this; the availability of the horses to this approach, and the intimacy and understanding that occurs in everyone toward the horses, and simultaneously themselves.

As the weekend came to a close, participants asked for a further event, so conversations and planning are beginning for the next seminar.

The day following the seminar I also gave private sessions for two participants, and their horses.

While in the Byron Bay area, I visited the amazing Crystal Castle Shambala Gardens. I was very impressed by the place and what they are doing, and simply wanted to mention them here. I highly recommend a visit for anyone going through the area.

Postscript :- Just days following the seminar (yesterday, today, and through the next week) entire swaths of eastern Australia, from northern Queensland down through to northern New South Wales, are enduring the effects of a very large slow moving cyclone – “Debbie”. The Byron Bay area, and surrounding regions, were also hit by huge rain and floods, putting people and livestock under water and at great risk. Reported on the news were heroic rescues of two horses and several cow herds in the area. Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone going through this.





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6 Responses to Teveton Center Seminar

  1. Wendy Knowles says:

    Fantastic! How wonderful!

  2. John Schorske says:

    Thank you! Completely wonderful!

  3. Ginger Mc Leod Zuckerman blymyer says:

    What a wonderful happening. Animals have always been part of my life, although much smaller. Have you seen the film about the young girl traveling across Australia with her camels. I am seeing so may remarkable Facebook photos of relationships with unusual animals. They all seem to relate to kindness. I hope your deals grow and more and more people can learn about these important relationships. Love Ginger

  4. Jacqueline Shea Thiel says:

    Hi Stuart, Your work brings tears to my eyes. I wonder if I do my dog justice…

  5. Colin Boyd says:

    That’s so great to hear and feel… touching the hearts of humans and non-humans alike. Thank you Stuart!

  6. Dorota says:

    Since I took a part in this kind of retreat In Halifax (Canada), I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to deepen their capability of feeling , understanding, of leadership and appreciation of our non-human friends at large, but especially horses.
    Thank you so much Stuart for steadily serving this process with your unique and genius ways you relate to non-humans!!! It’s truly a miracle to witness what happens, even in very short time, with how we relate to one another, humans or not, if only given the chance to exercise new ways of being. Pleasure all around!!!

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