Thanks, Nancy !

img-thingSeveral weeks after the great Valley Fire in 2015, concerned friend of the Camel Gardens, Nancy Langdon, visited with her husband. She simply wanted to connect with what had happened. While here, Nancy quietly built a little flower garden in the wreckage and ash left by the raging fire.

This little rock garden, of rich potting soil and pansy flowers, bloomed steadily for six months, until the spring grasses and flowers returned.

Traditionally, pansies are given to express loving thoughts of renewal and refreshment. And every time we saw the flowers this is what we felt from Nancy’s simple, heart-felt, gesture.

Thank you, Nancy !!PART_1461201770721_20160419_1157121

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3 Responses to Thanks, Nancy !

  1. Tally says:

    What a simple sweet heart felt gesture

  2. Ciaran Mercier says:

    Sweet !
    Has Nancy returned? Does she live nearby ?

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