Visit from The Learning House

DSC_91681Last week nearly 40 pre-schoolers from “The Learning House”, along with teachers and parents, visited the camels on two consecutive mornings. In preparation they had been learning about camels all week, including perusing our website at home and in school.

About 20 children came the first day and the rest the following day. Both visits were very happy, positive, occasions, a unique experience for these young kids.

DSC_91551After a very simple orientation about the Sacred Camel Gardens, and how to relate to the camels, the children and adults got to safely interact with the herd at the fence. Going inside wasn’t possible with this many people… so invitations were extended to respective families to return in smaller numbers to have closer contact should they wish to.

After a break for lunch, sitting around on some hay bales beneath two shady trees, we lined the children up, each with one small carrot. In single file, they stepped up to a camel (Zazoo the first day and Spirit on the second) to offer up their gift. DSC_91711

Some of the children were about the size of the camel’s heads, so for a few this was a big challenge! But everyone managed to give their carrot up into the large, slobbery, mouths of these friendly giants towering over them.


DSC_91561Following the visit, reports from the school included, “Wonderful!” “Such a wonderful place!”  “The camels are just amazing and so gentle.” “When the kids arrived back at school, they were just beaming!” “A very happy moment for all these kids.” “A very special place and a special day for all of us.” “Thank you for hosting us so well.”

DSC_91731The camels always enjoy the visits of young children, and this was the first time they’d seen so many little humans in one group. I think it blew the camels’ minds a little!… but in a good way.




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8 Responses to Visit from The Learning House

  1. Sara Morin says:

    What a beautiful, heart-warming story.

  2. Jacquie Shea Thiel says:

    Too bad all children couldn’t have this experience, including this one😊😊😊 hopefully some day.

  3. Molly Watson says:

    Love this! Hope to see the camels myself at some point.

  4. Kathleen Bennett says:

    I love readings these stories and seeing the photos, such a wonderful relief from everyday life for these little children!

  5. Ren-ai Lindley says:

    What a special occasion…

  6. Tally Groves says:

    how delightful

  7. Elaine says:

    Yay! This is awesome! 🙂 Thanks for creating such a wonderful way for children and non-humans to interact in a conscious way

  8. Wendy Knowles says:


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